Xbox Spooktacular Itinerary

The Halloween crew party will be on Saturday, November 1st, and will start at 4:30pm EST.

This is going to be a little more free form, so not scheduled by the hour because I don’t know how long some of these game types will be, but this is the order we will do them.

Spooky Car Show

We’ll meet at three different locations to show off our cars.  Bring a different car to each location. First place will be the lighthouse.  Then, a scary building I found in Sandy Shores.  Last place will be the graveyard.  Please don’t bring the cops or blow up the cars!  If you still need a hearse, I’ll be available tonight and before the party tomorrow to spawn one for you.

Hide and Seek

Slimsy has made a couple maps in creepy areas for this.  Whoever is it will turn off their radar and try to find everyone.

Michael Meyers

Deathmatch at the maze.  One person is the serial killer.  They will put on a mask and use a knife.  The victims aren’t allowed to defend themselves or leave the maze.

The Purge

Please see Devlin’s post for the rules

Costume Party

Think of the best costume you can put together with what we have available.  Then, grab a boat and head to the party spot!  It’s a little island off the west coast.

PS3 – Halloween Spooktacular – Final update

I was working in the lab, late one night; when my eyes beheld an eerie sight; for my monster from his slab, began to rise; and suddenly to my surprise…

By now all you ghoulish creatures will hopefully have had a chance to have read my last article on how the party will work? If not please make sure you have read it and understood it m’kaaaaay?

It’s really straight forward  but if you’ve not read it, I will know and I will find you and bury you in the desert where no-one will ever find you… Continue reading