Where does your character own property – GTA Crew Map Project

GTA Crew Map Project

I have a new little project I am working on. I would like to plot all of our houses/garages on a map. I have no real reason for this unfortunately. Apart from that I love maps of stuff and I am interested to see what locations you decided on.

I have the the shitty house in the Hills and one of the 10-car garage by the airport. I like the garage location as it allows me to get to my planes quickly when entering the lobby. Now I hardly ever go back to my house. Although I do like skydiving into my pool from 8,000 ft.

I guess we can think about building it into the new website somehow maybe. I would like to include everyones but I may just reserve it for reps as we have so many members nowerdays.

September Poll for Xbox Crew Party

Our party will be on 27 September, 2014, and will start at 4:30pm EST.  This is your party, so pick the four activities you’d like to do!

Pussi Riot Dropzone Club (PRDC) – 1st boogie review

We had our first ever PRDC boogie last weekend. It was a load of fun.

We had an average turn out. I was worried there would be more demand then places but as luck would have it, was exactly the right number for the parachuting playlist Sami had set up. This went really well with with BC winning the playlist and Minty not far behind. Poor old Brownbia didn’t pick up a point in all 10 jumps! Which got real funny by round 6 but was utterly depressing by round 10. Continue reading

Pussi Riot Annual Awards…


Hey everyone, on October 10th 2013 pussi riot was born now it’s almost one year later and we’re going to celebrate!

So myself and some other members of the PRAA (pussi riot annual awards) committee have been talking about how to best commemorate the anniversary. Backof had the idea a while back to make an awards ceremony and us on the praa have talked about how we should run this event.

We’ve decided that we will nominate 4 people from each side of the crew for each category, for example funniest member, best dressed and more, there will be a winner on each side of the crew. The voting will begin soon and will end after a couple of weeks then on the 10th of October we will have the awards show. It will take place at the vinewood bowl, we will all get dressed up and then arrive in style (limos, helicopters and other high class vehicles). I need a few people to do some jobs, we need a host for both xbox and PlayStation (must have a Mic) and we need someone to film it on both sides. If your interested fill out the forms below.

Do you want to be a host? Then fill out the form below.

If anyone wants to film the event send me a message via social club message.



Quick Poll…

Hey everyone, when we played the purge I felt like the map was to big making it to easy…

So I was talking with some of you about doing another purge but this time on free aim in a more condensed map also this time it would  be away from the centre of the city. What do you all think?