Feb Crew Get Together


Hi Crew. After all that fun we had back in January, I think it’s a good time to start the planning for the next one…

There are 3 things we need to sort… DAY, TIME, ITINERARY.

I learnt a lot from planning the last one, so hopefully I can take that and improve on January’s. From the polls conducted before it was clear that the weekends and evenings (respectively) are the ideal time for our members. Because of this, I have selected a Friday in the last weekend of the month. This gives 4 weeks to plan it out thoroughly.

Can I get a consensus from you lot on; if the date I have chosen is acceptable?

Randy’s Blue Gun


As you probably know, Randy is a mean sonofabitch! 

Whether it be an urban combat street fight or wilderness battle in the woods. Randy is normally top of the kill charts. Not much of a racer, its clear to see where she spends her time. Testament to this, is the LSPD blue tinted CTAR-21 carbine (the advanced rifle) which is only unlocked after 600 player kills. You can see she rocks it with a suppressor. As surprise is key when in attack mode. Continue reading

Can you believe this is the world we live in????

LONDON: A man will stand trial next month after being caught taking spoiled food out of dumpsters.

Seems absolutely nuts to me. Absurd even. Get this, the Police went as far as returning the gone-off food to the store that had thrown it away! The poor chap says he was held in a police cell for 19 hours before being released.

The article link: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jan/28/three-charged-vagrancy-act-food-skip-iceland

It’s a family affair!


It was a proud moment for me the other day…

No, I didn’t manage to win a race, you cheeky swine. I logged on to Rockstar Social (not the proud moment in question, keep reading) and ‘The Boss’ had posted that we’d reached one hundred and fifty members! I couldn’t help but smile at that because since I’d joined, the crew had almost doubled in size! That’s quite an achievement in itself but, what really made me proud was how much we’d grown in to a real community.  Continue reading