Pimped Our Rides – Sabre Turbo


Man I Love the Sabre

ok, when you first get this car. it says TURBO on the side. It doesn’t have a turbo, you have to buy it yourself.

Well after I got over that shock every thing was alright. This car has been my trusted ride in all GTa’s from its first appearance in Vice City on the PS2.


Man I love it. As do many others, its a firm fan favourite and Rockstar have rewarded us with many-a-modification to the exterior of this beautiful beast.

I have chosen to de-chrome it and give her a single colour scheme of a gold combined with the black grill, limo spec window tints, sweet mini-spoke split-rim alloys plus side exhaust. I think it looks like the kind of car cerberus would drive.


Plus under the hood its tricked out to the max, like any self respecting hellhound. Its kept up with sport cars (well to the corners anyway), which makes me wonder why what is the fascination of chasing cars anyway?


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