Pimped Out Rides – Coquette


Here at the Riot we, well I in fact, love nothing more then sweet ass paint jobs and tasteful (ish) modes.

This is my newest beauty. Its the hardtop Corquette, which if you know anything… its pretty rare. It has a turbo and engine tune plus a full race suspension. So its pretty rapid. For the exterior, a few mods are on, such as the pink spoiler, front bumper kit, carbon skirts and the custom paint job. I really love this car and its a pleasure to drive. I think the hard top makes the car much more attractive.

I would love see you gals efforts. show me what you got…


One thought on “Pimped Out Rides – Coquette

  1. That’s one sweet ride boss. Puts my garage full of clunkers well and truly in the shade. Goshdarnit, I’m gonna need to go on a survival marathon to get me enough money for a new car haha

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