What a useful website


We are love gta right? Well here you can see everyones stats in a much easier to understand way then the rockstar website. http://www.gta5stats.com/

I like looking at the crazy top speeds some players have been or the crazy amount of money some players have managed to accrue. Check this crew member out. This is Mapes101 profile. Or as we call her “The Mapes”.

She has managed to hit a top speed of 147mph (Thats super fast). Whats also interesting from analysing the stats on this account is the “Archenemy Victim Kills”. As the “victim” is HeatherLove999, who I know to be Brie, who is also in our crew and uses the name BrieGarcia on the PSN.

I wonder what Mapes has been up to there? Could it be a lot of accidental pistol whips? Or is there a real inter-crew rivalry there? When you look at Brie stats, you can see her top speed is 135mph. which makes me wonder who is the fastest chick in our crew??? Have you got an insane top speed? Share it will us here…


2 thoughts on “What a useful website

  1. Great website. Loads.of interesting info on offer. Couldn’t match Mapes for speed (must have crashed on the way, which is not unusual for me) but quite impressed by my kill to death ratio ;-). I dis almost cry when I had a sneak peak at other players finances however. Lol

  2. HOW!!! I CANT BIELIVE IT! noooo way its true!
    Victim Grody-to-the-max
    Victim Kills 11

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