whats best in GTAO?

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We all love gta right?  But whats the best part? I bet I cant imagine one tenth of the high jinx you get upto in free mode but what about the rest of it? Check these two leather clad gals, chillin on a construction crane downtown for instance

Photo by anyssagriffin


5 thoughts on “whats best in GTAO?

  1. whats best in GTAO? Besides crushing my enemies, seeing them driven before me, and hearing the lamentations of their men and women?

    Missions and Survivals. Because Survivals can be fun and they’re a good way to get a hold of hardware I can’t technically buy yet.

    • Yea, the survivals are a great way to start your session, 20k and all the googles you need. I like setting myself little challenges like “pistol only” or “no body armour”

      • I do the same thing. I love my Combat Pistol. On some freeroam sessions where people are using all their fancy high rank weapons, I just go in with my pistol, aim, twitch up slightly, and.. BOOM, HEADSHOT.

  2. I love to be someone that i’m not in real life. I love to act the exact opposite that i would do in real life… I love to build an other personnality… my avatar is a part of me, but not me, SHE becomes to have his own life (yes, i know, maybe i should consult…). See you sweeties !

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