Better late than never…


Okay so let’s get this straight I suck at racing. I mean, I’m REALLY bad! But get this… I like it nonetheless. So when the job creator feature went live it was a no brainer for me that I was gonna create one.

I wanted to create a themed race, so I thought why not make one based on an everyday situation Blondie might find herself in. So, I started looking around the map for inspiration and realised that the Bahama Mamas nightclub wasn’t too far away from my apartment and this got me thinking. What if I was running late to get to a night out with the girls? What if I had to visit some places on the way? What if I was in such a hurry only the fastest car will do? So I set out the concept in the description of the race.

 Girls night out at Bahama Mamas but you’re running late. You’ve still got to get your hair done, pick up some new shoes and most importantly… some hollow points for the 357 magnum in your purse! What’s a girl to do? Find the fastest car in the city and shake a tail feather!

So when it came to laying out the course, it began outside my apartment, ran up to the hairdressers, past Ponsenbys, down to ammunation and then finally on to the club.

I play tested it and even without  obstacles, ramps etc it was still a challenging course with the traffic on because of all the tight turns I threw in. The first corner being the sight of many, many crashes since I published it ; ) .

 It’s a really fast and fun course. I think 50+ people have played it and the average time is probably about 1min 40 or so.

 I’m really proud of it and how it turned out. Download it and give it a go. Best played with 8 players for maximum carnage :-p

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 20.14.51 Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 20.12.06

Photo by Blondarus

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