Emoney’s new look


I bumped into Emoney tonight (as well as many others Kayla, Dgirl to name but a few) while I was briefly online. I think “E”, is staking her claim for “best dressed” with this awesome combo.

She was rocking; not just a camo outfit (which including camo biniki top from the Beach bum DLC) but ALSO her bike  had a custom camo style pain job. She looked awesome (when I could see her). She was very hard to spot when racing around the Blane Contry wilderness. I think the crash helmet really adds to the look giving her a cold, menacing and unemotional exterior.

Is this an early push for the award “best dress crew member”? Or is it a plan to gain an advantage in deathmatches? or maybe she just really digs the army. Either way, the only think that could improve the look would be some black bother boots or better still some black knee highs! A girl can dream eh?


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