Knowing me, knowing you… aha

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Okay… let’s have a show of beautifully manicured and blood stained hands here. Who cannot get through their day without logging on to some form of social media fourteen times before breakfast? Hmmm…I thought so.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the same and with the arrival of GTA in to my life, I’ve gone and added Rockstar Social to my list as well. As I mentioned on my last blog, I’ve kinda become addicted to popping on there and gassing with other gals from the crew, but as I was perusing the LifeInvader pages the other day for brands to stalk (if you’re not doing this already, then you should be) I thought it would be fun to do up a humorous ‘in character’ LifeInvader page for myself and post it on here.
I’ve never been one to take things too seriously in life, so I took the template used by one Los Santos many celebs on LifeInvader and filled it out from there.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy it and maybe even post one for yourself. Maybe we can get a whole rogues gallery of crew members on here. ; )

LifeInvaderLogoCropped blondie

  • Name:  Blondarus (pronounced Blonde-are-us) aka Blondie / Blondie the confused / Blondie the ever living / Blondie the destroyer of worlds / Blondie the erm… blonde
  • Birthday: Feb 1… of some year I don’t have to talk about because I’m a woman
  • Relationship Status: Happily married to the crew
  • Sex: Female. Outrageously hot female at that…just sayin’
  • Interested in:  Blowing things up, shooting things up, adorable fluffy cats, driving fast cars badly in illegal races, badly written poetry about doves, tombstoning off of Del Perro pier, beach volley, sunbathing, flamethrowers, partying, collecting shoes, the life cycle of moths, rock music, yoga, glaring at pigeons
  • Religious Views: Founder of the Church of awesomeness
  • Political Views: They all need to be run over by a tank… or thrown off Mount Chiliad
  • About:  I live just off Vespucci beach in a little shoe box apartment full of consoles, video games and B movie horror memorabilia. The place is usually a chaotic mess…much like me. I have a garage full of cheap to run, knackered cars…and a BMX.

 I’m part of the premier all girl crew in Los Santos. That’s not a boast, that’s legit (I read it on the internet). We’re usually out causing trouble around town and you can easily spot us by our motley collection of vehicles sprayed in crew colours. We’re also known as being snappy dressers.

When I’m not causing anarchy across the city the girls from the crew, I can be found living on the beach. Not literally. I have a place, which I may have mentioned already (I forget).  I’m a beach bum born and raised and I once vowed to wear nothing but bikinis and beach wear for the rest of my days (the recent cold snap put an end to that however).

I’m also a party animal. A party koala if you like, in that I’m cute, cuddly and erm… can be found hiding in trees. My favourite hangout is Bahama Mamas. That place is the bomb. I always seem to arrive there too late for their happy hour though. Time keeping, schmime keeping.

I joined LifeInvader to meet interesting new friends. Will you be my new friend? Please? I’ll pay you!!! No… okay… I’ll just go home and cry myself to sleep… don’t mind me… just my allergies…


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