Who is meanest gal in the riot?


Hi you bevy of beauties. For this list I am looking at who is the meanest of the mean girls in the Riot.

We all know the riot are the toughest of the tough and could take anyone foolhardy enough to thrown down. Which then made me ponder which of us has ALL the fly moves. I admit this is a little selfish, as we have team 6v6 DM series coming up and I wanted to call upon broads that can handle themselves, but hey it should be fun anyway.

The criteria I have chosen to compile this list is: Player vs Player Kill / Death ratio & on the PSN.  We can do other lists such as “Richest”, “Most Accurate”, or the more obscure such as “Highest Jump”, Longest Wheelie etc etc. Anyways, here is the list for the top guns:

What’s funny is the top 3 are NEW! YAY  I would love to do further analysis to find out more about each of our top totties but to drill down, through all the pages in the stats section of the R* site is a gruelling prospect. I tried to check as many profiles as possible but if you spot any inaccuracies, let me know and I can update.


K/D Ratio 22.7


K/D Ratio 4.34


K/D Ratio 2.08


K/D Ratio 1.80


K/D Ratio 1.75


K/D Ratio 1.70


K/D Ratio 1.69

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