Tips and tricks – Volume II

Hi all Rioters and guests!

Here’s a fresh dose of GTA Online tricks, so let’s get the ball rolling!


Vans and girls go hand in hand and so does GTA and glitches. Find a van (you can get a beach van from the latest dlc for free). One player sits in the back and the other reverses the van towards the doors.  The one in the back exits just as it is in front of the door and  TADA… they’re inside a bank/FIB/Hospital building! Check out the vid!


Damaged car bug? Mechanic saying your car is destroyed and Mors Mutual Insurance won’t give it back? Fret no more! Do this. Call up one of your other insured cars and destroy it.Then call up Mors Mutual Insurance and mash the X button. OMG… it’s back!! Thanks to SNES for this.


Secret doors that open on buildings that you can then hide in and the cops can’t do anything about it? There is a petrol station near the big desert airfield, on the left side of Route 66. Just drive in through the door and the cops won’t know how to get you! So sit back, have a smoke and a beer!

Can you find other places? Please let me know!


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