Crew Competition – Deadest Eye Shotgun!


Our First Crew Competition is HERE!

To keep you all engaged, busy causing havoc and general carnage. We thought a gun based competition was a good way to get you all ultra focused and participating in our FIRST ever Crew Competition. Woohoo!


What its all about then? Well I have the special edition which gave me ace extra guns. I don’t think many of you have this. So getting your hands on the weapons would be quite a treat. The gun in question is the Bullpup Shotgun I am not to sure if you can keep it after death though, so like everything else in life. You might as well enjoy it, while you can!

I decided to make it interesting as we all know the Assault Shotgun is THE King of Princes when it comes to this category. But I want us to use the long barrelled shotty for this competition. The reason for this is 2-fold; I feel a bit sorry for this under used beast, plus I think it would look ace if we were all rocking them in missions or survivals. My Accuracy is running at 57% at the mo. Who beats me?

Entry: PM me on the social club with your accuracy rating and your gamer tag.
Requirements: To have at least 100 kills with the Shotgun
Rules: HIGHEST ACCURACY % WINS. This is ONLY on the Shotgun NOT the Assault Shotgun
Close date: End of Feb
Prize: Green Tint Bullpup Shotgun, Entry in to the prestigious Pussi Riot Hall of Fame, Bragging rights!



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