Crew get together start time choices


Okay. Seeing as (nearly) everyone who answered the poll said weeknights or evenings, here is what we are suggesting…

We are planning 4 main events, 1 each hour for 4 hours. These have been chosen by you (on a previously conducted poll). The 4 most popular choices were:


There is already another poll underway here to confirm what DAY you would prefer. This one though is for the kick off time.

We have to select a start time (which is going to prove difficult as we are spread across different time zones). Please select 1 of the time options below so we know what is preferred. Even if you can only attend for 1 hour you will be most welcome. I will be sending out Invites 30 minutes before the start time and all the way through the event.

Choice A:

English GMT: 20:30hrs
American EST: 13:30hrs
American PST: 11:30hrs
Australia EST: 06:30hrs

Choice B:

English GMT: 22:30hrs
American EST: 17:30hrs
American PST: 13:30hrs
Australia EST: 08:30hrs

Choice C:

English GMT: 00:30hrs
American EST: 19:30hrs
American PST: 15:30hrs
Australia EST: 10:30hrs 


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