Crew Get Together Date Confirmed


Hi peeps,

Thank you for filling in the poll on when you want the crew get together to happen. The most popular choice was actually a tie. So I plan to do host the party on both nights (friday 24th & Saturday 25th).

I am still waiting to confirm the kick off time. If you would like to influence this, here is still time by filling this poll in. I will do another post explaining each activity and what we will be doing, I plan to do this a bit later tonight. If everyone can clear there camera gallery out of all not essential photos. As I would like to lots of cool snaps of us having fun.


In the meantime, fill in the poll. Remember if you can only join us for a short time that is fine. Just PM me on the Rockstar SC and I will send you an invite on to the closed crew session. Remember the max is 16 at any 1 time. Sending me a message with what day you want to attend WILL guarantee a place for you.


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