Crew Get Together Time Confirmed: 20:30 GMT

Choice “A” wins! We start Saturday night at:

English GMT: 20:30hrs
American EST: 13:30hrs
American PST: 11:30hrs
Australia EST: 06:30hrs

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.44.16

Event starts>>

I will send out invites from 20:00 (gmt). If you are here early, you can do what you want but please arrive for the 20:30 start time

20:30 skate

Meet at the skate park with your BMX and stake-wear on. I want lots of photos gals so clear out all unnecessary photos from your snapmatic gallery!

21:30 manhunts

I will select 1 player to be the hunted. They get 5 minutes head start to run and hide while we all have an improvised race to a clothes store to change out of our skate-wear into the camo gear ready for our Army Base ASSAULT!

22:30 stunt

Meet at the Sandy Shores Airfield with your stunt plane for arial high-jinx. I want to see Topgun style moves that would scare the best of them.

 23:30 army

If we can get tear it up for 45 minutes destroying tanks and planes I will consider the attack a success. I will be providing heli pickups to get you all back in over the fence in to the base.


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