PIMPED OUT RIDES – OGnini’s Custom Truffade Adder


This is the Adder. It is the fastest car in GTAV.

Wth a top speed of 250 mph. the Adder dominates all competition, with only the Entity XF‘s acceleration being superior. The Adder though still has a higher top speed. The cars design is clearly based on the Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron features an 8.0-litre, quad-turbocharged, W16 cylinder engine (equivalent to two narrow-angle V8 engines).

OGnini’s Adder sports high end rims in a pea green colour with custom tyres. I think the paint colour is “hot pink” with a pearlescent flick on it, although I’m unsure of its colour.

The Riot logo has pride of place on the hood, flanked either side with a pair of white racing stripes. It looks like its got the sports suspension fitted and I am sure there would have been some engine tune or maybe even a turbo. Keep an eye out for it. OGnini is a rep on the Xbox and gamertag is: DeadAim217


One thought on “PIMPED OUT RIDES – OGnini’s Custom Truffade Adder

  1. Although I have garage full of cars, this is my favorite! You can always catch me cruising or racing around Los Santos in this beauty. The cost of the car is worth it.

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