GTAV’s Skate parks

Did you know there are loads GTAV riding locations!

This is a look at the Skate Parks in GTA online. There are also loads of choice ride locations in the city for some mad street skillz. I imagine a list will follow this one (in the future) detailing the best street locations. But in this post, I am concentrating on the skate parks. We have found 5  in Los Santos City, nought in the Blaine County area.


I have given each of them names so we don’t get confused; (clockwise) Central Skate Park, North Skate Park, Vespucci Beach Skate Park, Covered Skate Park & East Skate Park. Each has its own benefits although all are better then the grotty East one. That looks like its came straight out of the Projects, so don’t go there.

vertpark northpark

Central Skate Park
3 out of 5
North Skate Park
3 out of 
Vertical ramp
Step grinds
quarter pipe
Spacious area

Vertical ramp
Elevated jump to street
Quarter pipe

beachpark coveredpark

Vespucci Beach
4 out of 5
Covered Skate Park
5 out of 5
Great location
Midsize park
Step grinds
mini quarters
2 x Bowls
Complete Park
Medium Vert Ramps
Completely enclosed


East Skate park

Not worth visiting



0_0-47 0_0-48 0_0-45



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