Tips and Tricks – Volume III

Hello to all my fellow Rioters and guests!

Here is another update for your consideration. I hope you tried out some of my previous tricks and tips!?

No need to worry, here’s some more!



As you probably know, there are two different styles for each model of car roaming around Los Santos. You can see above on the example, these two versions of the Oracle are completely different from each other (just look at the chrome lists on the grey, difference in headlights and grill, overall shape of the hood). So make sure as you roam around that you choose wisely hehe.

Does anyone know if one can choose which version you purchase from the stores?


Close to the lighthouse at San Chianski Mountain Range, there is a submarine that spawns close to the shore. It’s in between an island and the shore itself (the shore has lots of wooden pillars). If you fly there, you need to be quite close to the water in order for it to spawn.

Happy diving and make sure to sport your bikini!


You’ve been racing around, the mascara is running down your face from the manic laughter you’ve been experiencing as dead bodies lay scattered all over the road and then it happens…you zig when you should have zagged and now your stuck!

No need to worry, just hold down the reverse at the same time as you accelerate to do a ‘burn out’ and make sure to wiggle the L3 stick. VOILA, you’re free!! Now you can set your sights on the next poor soul!

Until next time, adios!

One thought on “Tips and Tricks – Volume III

  1. Ubermacht is BMW
    The Oracle XS is the BMW E65 7 series, carried over from GTA4.
    The Oraclesharper one is ripped off from the current-gen F02 7 series and E60 5-series
    The Zeon is the 6 series
    The Sentinel is the E92 M3 coupe and cab.

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