Randy’s Blue Gun


As you probably know, Randy is a mean sonofabitch! 

Whether it be an urban combat street fight or wilderness battle in the woods. Randy is normally top of the kill charts. Not much of a racer, its clear to see where she spends her time. Testament to this, is the LSPD blue tinted CTAR-21 carbine (the advanced rifle) which is only unlocked after 600 player kills. You can see she rocks it with a suppressor. As surprise is key when in attack mode.

The Advanced Rifle is super quick on the fire rate. It is the 2nd best “damage-per-second” weapon, second only to the minigun. It’s all-round superior to all the SMGs class and Assault Rifle. Although it does lose out to the Carbine Rifle on accuracy.

Randy is also rocking the camo look (well apart from the flip fops, ha, dead subtle them). Which not only do I love but is real useful for a bit of sneaky, sneaky, shooty facey.


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