Global Location – Coordinated Universal Time (utc)

For the future crew party sessions, I want us to have a full lobby for the whole time the party is going (12 players just isn’t enough). For this to occur we need to get it to happen at the most convenient time for the majority of people.

This is the part where it differs from the last party (plus its real useful data for later on when we fill up to 300 members and we will have different parties, for the different time zones).

Whereas before I  offered a selection of times which you picked (which I soon realised was flawed because there are different times all over the globe, it kind of made the last poll pointless). Now I want to know where you all are in the world so I can choose I time which overlaps the majority of the players Friday evenings.

I also want to know what timezone your in (If you dont know what your utc is, here is a link for you to see:


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