Feb Crew Party Activties

OK, same as last time gals, pick 4!

Please choose 4 of the options below asap and we can get the planning going as some of the items on the list will need a bit of prep. Get in touch if you have any suggestions you want to appear on March’s choice list.

Last time we did; BMX’ing, Planes, Manhunts, Army base, which were all fun but I think we should mix it up. But the end of the day, you lot are the ones that pick… I would pick for this one; a rallying or sports bike racing as 16 of us doing that would be a hoot. I have also created a “stunt plane sandbox” for us to fly around in, as flying in the free-mode was very difficult. This way we will be able to get 16 in the sky all at once. Just in case anyone wants another go at that.


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