January crew get together – review


I think it’s safe to say the crew get together on the 24th and 25th of January was a resounding success. There were so many highlights.  A great turn out. Some genuinely hilarious moments, both intentional and unintentional. Some truly impressive displays of survival skills in the manhunts and generally the sense that we were all having one big party. Kudos to all who logged in over the two nights.

For us , it was a great opportunity for us to get to know you guys better as well. We got to see a few of you up close and personal for the first time and  for you guys to do the same with us. This was really cool and Boss, Randy and me came away from it feeling we’d got a better idea of how each of you operates. Some members really excelled over the course of the two nights and their dedication was rewarded with promotion accordingly (hello Arcticsunset).

As soon as the dust had settled on the events we started wading through the epic number of photos y’all took of the unfolding mayhem. As we sniggered and pointed, it became clear we needed to write this article. Part summary + part humorous reflection + part thank you = all awesome read.

The boss had meticulously designed an itinerary for both nights, which was based entirely on the results of crew members we polled on this very blog. You guys voted for a mix of everything, which was nice and really gave the two events plenty of variety. There was a little bit of everything to satisfy everybody’s tastes.

The events kicked off with BMXing, which turned out to be a real blast. It’s funny because I don’t think many of us actually bother cycling in GTA ordinarily. Too many cool cars to drive, too dangerous to peddle about unprotected on a bicycle etc and yet this provided a lot of laughs.

We got some great pictures of tricks and stunts you guys were showing off, including yours truly jumping three cars on my bike WITHOUT the use of a ramp (I so totally rule!). We even did a version my race ‘Better late than never…’ on BMX’s which was as ridiculous as it sounds (although I should point out that by that point, I was ‘rather the worse for drink’ which is what made it seem like a fabulous idea).


Boss’s comment:

“I think the BMXing was the biggest success. We all seemed to have a great time larking around. The man hunts were as expected, a load of fun. And the “attack the army base” was a hoot. I think the stunt plane hour could have been better coordinated. It was clear, not all of us have stunt planes at our disposal. To remedy this I have created a sandbox type game with 24 planes ready fun us to take to the sky’s in the next party”.


Then came the Manhunts. Nothing says run for your life like having a massive bounty slapped on your head by a crazed horde of gun totting women. Thankfully we had plenty of willing fugitves. These insanely brave runners had five minutes head start on everyone else, so they could run away shrieking and then… the chase was on!  There were some real stand out performances in this event. Our very own co-founder Randy amassed a whopping survival time on the second night, through clever choice of hiding place and sublime shooting skills. I’ve you’ve not played with Randy, they are best described as a ‘ruthlessly efficient killer’. And one of our newer member Albertini managing a similar feat, the previous night. Well done to both of them because the hunters were certainly out in force on both nights!

Then came the aerial part of the evening. This was the moment for all our budding pilots to step up and show off their sublime flying skills. Some very impressive stick work on show both nights. The first nights flying ended with a massive battle against the fuzz on the airfield, the highlight of which was when a cargo plane was used as  torpedo on the assembled law enforcement officers! Never since an explosion like it before or since!

Lastly was the assault on the army base. By this point most of us had changed in to camo gear and fatigues and we poured in to the base on the backs of helicopters for over an hour. It was a tough slog getting a foothold in the base and many brave rioters met their death storming the fort but we did it. Seemingly never ending helicopter sorties in and out of the base were made by a handful of dedicated top gun pilots and we have them to thank for the success of the mission.

On reflection, for our first real attempt at organising an event like this, I think it went pretty well. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, which was the key thing  we wanted to achieve and I think everyone to go to show off their skills in one way or another.

As I said at the beginning the events really helped us get a feel for who you guys are, what makes you tick and what sort of player you are. Their were some promotions following the events, because certain rioters really blew us away. I said in another blog, that in a large crew it’s tough to get noticed and make a name for yourselves. I think we’ve proved that in Pussi Riot, we take an interest in each and every one of our members and if you’ve got the dedication and really want it, the promotions are there to be taken.

Perhaps most importantly, these events taught us how to do things better next time. We’re certainly taking everything we’ve learnt from this first one and carrying it over to the next one at the end of this month. Our goal is continue to improve on each one and get the members more and more involved in shaping the events. So next time you see one of the Boss polls appear on the blog, be sure to fill it out.

We’re really looking forward to the next event and hope you are too!


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