Death match team try outs


Hi rioters!

Yea, that’s right. The time has come for the long awaited try outs for our crack Team Death Match unit.

This is something that has been in the making for a while. And now is as good time as any to get you all notified of our plans.

As a crew leader I get countless challenges for crew battles from other bosses. I want accept these but I don’t want us to get our asses handed to us.

In order to stop this happening I will be putting all my planning skillz into getting us the best damn team our ranks have to offer! Also depending on your interest, I can see us having an A,B & C team because we do have over 100 PSN crew members now. I already know of a few potential ‘A’ team candidates (Esdwace, Randy, Kayla, Jane), but I’m sure there’s lots of talent waiting to be uncovered.

Each of our three teams will include ten players. This is so even in an 8 Vs 8 game, we still have a couple of subs which we can use tactically or if a member isn’t available for the battle. Also this will allow for players to move between the teams for exceptional performances.

If we do have a lot of interest from you guys, there will be thirty places (three teams) up for grabs. I will appoint a team captain for each if our teams. This will be the person who the team members liaise with about battle plans, tactics & availability.

I think it’s clear from the quality we have in our crew, that I will not make the cut. But I implore everyone to give it a go. We need all kinds of skillz to be a decent unit, not just foot soldiers. We need sharp snipers, high explosive experts & stealthy assassins as well. What is your skill set?

If I could get a quick poll if your interest in this, it would be a great help. Who’s up for this???


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