Tips and tricks – Volume IV

Hello everyone out there!

So it is time again for another update from me and I think this one will be a good one!


Call on the law, yea that’s right you can call 911 in the game. Call the cops on anyone breaking the law. This opens up so many funny situations…which ones can you come up with? I sure got some in store…


Hate the ugly bulletproof vests but enjoy the extra bullets you can absorb until you meet your early demise? If you buy a  vest and afterwards switch it off in your inventory you retain the extra protection but you don’t need to scratch your eyes out.


  1. Go into your closet in your Online Apartment.
  2. Remove your T-Shirt and Watch, then exit the closet.
  3. Enter your closet again and select Suit jackets, and select the “Black (unbuttoned) Blazer
  4. Now go to the T-shirts and find the one with the Logo you want.
  5. Next go to the Watches and hover over one(DO NOT select one).
  6. While hovering over the watch, press “Start” and the back out of the pause menu(press O or B).
  7. Now you should be standing there in a Black T-shirt with your desired Logo on it, ENJOY!

Credit: Thanks to SeaWallTx for sharing this!


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