St Valentine’s Day massacre


The emotional mine field/commercial nightmare that is Valentine’s Day is almost upon us again.

For the ladies it’s a time for being pampered, receiving presents we’ll probably never use and in some cases, solving the mystery of the anonymous card in our letter box (the initial thrill of which is tempered with an uneasiness that it’s from the same unsavoury character that’s been stealing underwear from our washing line)!

For the guys, it’s all about the last minute dash around card shops, garage forecourts and other purveyors of overpriced novelty gimmicks, in a bid to make it look like you ‘really tried this year’. All this done in the vain hope that the object of their affections already liked them enough, to overlook being presented with badly wrapped tat!

Ultimately it’s about making that killer impression that finally takes things beyond the flirtatious, the intriguing or the ever so slightly creepy…

And when I say killer I mean killer, because to some people Valentine’s Day meant something else entirely. The term Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was the name given to the 1929 murder of seven mob associates as part of an ongoing conflict between two powerful Chicago gangs. The South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone and the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

So, this coming Valentine’s day,  I thought it would be cool for us to throw the two ideas together in to a blender, mix them up with a shot of vodka and then spread some very special ‘Pussi Riot style love’ to the rest of the online crowd .

Now, just after I initially published this article, it then came to my attention that Rockstar were issuing a new update for GTAV themed around exactly that! I was very, very pleased cos now we can dress up in some seriously cool 1920’s get up and party like it’s 1929.

It comes out on Valentines day. What could be more romantic than putting on your glad rags and pulling pants then heading out to make a killer impression on your latest crush? What could be sexier than hitting the streets, handing out ass whoopings and drive by shootings all while dolled up to the eyeballs? What better gift could we give to our rivals than that?

While you’re out playing cupid (using hollow point rounds rather than arrows), I want you to be collecting photographic evidence of you gals looking the bomb… while dropping the bomb! Best photos from the night will be put up here on the blog. Tag those beauties #PRVD. Ya dig?

Now the only question left is, what sort of Valentine’s present are you gonna give to our rivals?


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