Tune – Toto – Africa

A band with ‘faces for radio’

God… you gotta love the 80’s!   ; P

An extraordinarily ugly collection of men but what a tune! I have to crank this up whenever it comes on the radio, something incredibly catchy about it. Lyrically it’s distinctly suspect, but it’s the fist clenching power of the chorus that carries it.

I may love my rock music but I do love my pop music too. This ia a prime slab of that.



One thought on “Tune – Toto – Africa

  1. You GTA chicks are pretty cool – and I love this song 🙂

    I’m from the crew GSFR, just saying hi, and if you girls are down we should have a crew meet, take some pictures and go on a rampage against the coppers 😀

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