Team death match try outs


Hi peeps. Okay, here’s the deal. Had a fair bit on interest in this and so…

We are going to set up a deathmatch playlist consisting of 5 different maps. Each one tailored to a different kind if warfare:

2 x Urban scenario – Vinewood Kills & Vespucci Beachfront (owned&picked up)
1 x Indoor/covered scenario – Construction (owned&picked up)
1 x Desert scenario – Grit (owned&picked up)
1 x Woodland scenario – Prey (forced)

This play list will be titled: “Pussi Riots DM Tryouts” and will run from now and throughout April & May in the evenings (GMT). The idea of this playlist is to get an overall impression of everyone’s skills. I will create another playlist based on your choices, please get in contact and tell what maps you want to play. By the end of March anyone who wanted to be considered for the team should have played the playlist a number of times (while I have been in the session).

Each deathmatch will be a brief encounter of only 5 minutes, meaning we can rifle though the whole playlist is 25 minutes. The criteria I will be selecting the team by will be; match by match k/d ratio, overall playlist k/d ratio, versatility, improvisation and cunning. The players on the panel with me will be the current RATs

Although a headset is not a requirement this maybe an advantage depending on how specific the mic’d up player is at describing threats and hostiles.

0_0-22 0_0 (1)

An extra 6 places on top of initial 8-10 spaces will be available in the team. Successful crew members will be invited to become part of the RAT. These are the riot’s official crack squad of badass bitches.

Each Guardette will be called upon to suit-up and ship-out to various LS locations to battle other crews in coordinated TDM scenarios.


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