St Valentine’s Day Massacre – rogues gallery


Mug shots even Eliot Ness would be scared of…

It was last Monday morning when I woke up in a cold sweat and thought “Oh crap, it’s valentines day on Friday and… The Riot has got nothing planned!”. I threw myself out of bed, launched myself at my laptop (waited an eternity for it to boot up) and began fashioning an idea for a mini photo based event for the day.

My initial idea was to have us dress up in our glad rags and pulling pants and try taking the wackiest picture we could within the theme of Valentines day. Simple but effective. Pleased as punch, I published the article on the blog and hyped the poop out of it on R* Social. Job done. Feet up. Coffee well earned.

Twenty four hours later, Backof messages me and say something to the effect of “Well done girl, you’re well ahead of the rest! Check the R* newswire”. So I did , and low and behold without so much as a hint of it the day before, they were getting ready to drop a 1920’s themed DLC at the end of the week! A quick tweak fo the article and all was, as they say ‘gravy’.

Fast forward to today and I began looking through all of the photos you gals had taken from friday night and there were some doozies. You gals rock!

So what I’ve done here is posted the best of the photos you guys took crediting the photographer and where possible the person in  the pic. Enjoy!

pixelpuss1 - taghyoult

Think Backof, Randy and me all dug this one, so much so it’s now the banner pic for the Team DM tryouts! Photo was taken by pixelpuss1 and the model I believe is taghyoult

backof - star

Photo by The Boss. Modelling a very fetching hat is Arcticsunset (aka Star)

backof - Minagirl02

Photo by The Boss. Model is Minagirl02

backof arty

Photo by The Boss


A sweet, sweet ride. Photo by Bruno_Martins22


Photo by Eltspeed


Top marks to Kim for making me LOL over this one. Can’t say they’re not getting in to the Valentine’s day spirit though eh? Photo by Kimberlyalloveru. ‘Stud’ – unknown


Love this one. Photo by Kittens_666


Hanging at the mansion. Photo by Minagirl02

Arcticsunset - backof

Free drinks rule! Boss and me both got loaded, bumbled about and sat crying on the pavement. Arcticsunset (aka Star) was there to document the carnage! Photo by Star – ‘Model’  – The B0ss

muhmuhhuh vanilla

At one point The Riot descended en masse to the Vanilla Unicorn, ironically (or not) dressed as strippers! Photo by muhmuhhuh


Photo by OW3SLA


Great action shot taken by pixelpuss1


Beautiful shot by taghyoult


Representing The Riot. Photo by Tealbird92


Photo by WinonasPanteez


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