Closed Crew Session Itinerary

Hour 1:

bmx-dirttrack-title bmx-dirt-track-loaction

I am going to get my BMX and be in the session 30 minutes before kick off time. Whoever is online early, I suggest getting your BMX and heading over to my place and we can practice our freestyle street skills on the way (I reckon Blondie could wheelie all the way there). Once everyone is assembled at the location we will have 50 minutes of bike based tomfoolery, then we will have a group photo of all of us on ya BMX’s, pulling gang signs etc.

Hour 2 – the main event:

ganagattack-header trophy

This is going to be the trickiest and most audaious thing we have attempted as a crew.

There are so many gang attacks (see the gang attack locations here) and they appear at different time periods, its going to make the original plan to try and do them all almost impossible. Each set lasts for 16 minutes, so we are going to try and hit up 3 in the first 16 minutes. Thats 5 minutes per gang attack!

All going well, we should be onto our next set. To allow us to do this, we are going to ideally need 16 players. 4/5 players will be the designated pilots who will carry a squad of rioters to each location. Anyone who is an ace in the air and wants to be a pilot for this, should get in contact asap via the blog or the R* crew page. The time will dictate our route but if we can keep to schedule (we NEED to be arriving at the first gang attack at 4am in-game time) we’ll have a chance. This will be our route:


I have planned the route so if we need to cut short the last 1 or 2 in each time zone we can just hop to the first one of the next time zone. This will be a very tough thing to do, so I will not be surprised if it all goes to shit, we only have to lose 1 hell to seriously balls up our plan. Once we get to the end of the hour we will stop for a triumphant crew photo.

Hour 3

1_0textq prpp-loctaion

Last time we tried the stunt planes was a bit of a disaster, we only a few of us actually had stunt planes! To remedy this. I have created a custom death match. well a death match in name only. Its not a game for us to wail on each other for 15 minutes. Its a sandbox type game for us to play around in. It has about 22 planes available, so even if you wreck your first you can get a 2nd. Even just being on the ground with a phone camera should be fun enough.

I would like to see lots of photos of aerobatics and other lacking around, It should be a pretty laid back affair too, as there will be no cops buzzing around like wasps around honey. I plan for us to have 2 sessions playing this. which will total 30 minutes. That gives us change to catch up on lost time, take a group photo when we all exit the play pit and head off rallying to our final activity location.

Hour 4


We did this last time and it was a load of fun but kind of lacked purpose, which is cool and all but I think it would be nice if we had a goal. I suggest we try and hold the hanger that we normally use as a drop off point. I have been in there before and managed to commandeer a tank. I think if we could do that, get that at the hanger entrance we should be fine to hold for as long as we want. It would be great to get a crew photo here but I see it being way to difficult. I suggest we finish the 4 hours with a sultan rally to our final photocall location. Where do you want this to be?

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