The backstory of backof

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Social networking is a funny old thing, users with thousands of friends, millions of likes for an inane insight into a melodramatic microcosm.

It strikes me as perfectly rational to think, the people with the zillions of friends are easily the least interesting. I mean everyone likes vanilla, it may even be the world’s favourite, but it’s way too middle of the road.

Well, I prefer the more exotic flavors; tutti fruity, raspberry ripple, with rum and raisin being my absolute favourite. These flavours are not commonplace and only available from speciality vendors, because they are not well liked by the majority. Which is why I argue that it is boring and dull that make the exotic much more… well… exotic. Oh and tasty!

And that brings us nicely to Backof as she is the real marmite of an ice cream flavour. Cold to touch and hard to swallow. Anyways…

Lets gets things clear. I am not my avatar or should I say my avatar is not me. The avatar is one; mean, ice cold, scary bitch. A take no prisoners type of gal! I am very much the opposite in every way…

LifeInvaderLogoCropped backof

  • Name:  Backofmyneep Aka Backof, Neep, Boss
  • Birthday: 1/04/89
  • Sex: Female
  • Interested in:  Racin’, Flyin’, sky-divin’, shootin’ and respawnin’, hangin’ with my gals! Cars, knives, high heels, Redwoods. photography, high places, skimpy outfits, sports bikes, explosions
  • Religious Views: Existential Nihilism
  • Political Views: Talk is cheap. Being from an old commie regime, very cynical of democracy. Being in a minority means your thoughts are never considered. 
  • About:  The girl from the Arctic circle. Russian immigrant living it up, downtown girl style. Crew boss of the feared Pussi Riot gang.


I imagine her prelude to GTAV online starts somewhere around 1989…

Born into a poor family. In the old USSR, the northern shipping port of Murmansk is where Backof grew up. A cold war kitten from behind the iron curtain.Times were tough in the frozen city on the Arctic circle.

Russia 2008
Having landed what was a very good job, a nineteen year old Backof started on her way to adulthood. Here she learned her trade as a handler working in a government department servicing the sleeper agents of the then apparently defunct, KGB .

She was an ambitious character. Always wanting to be the one out on missions, but always the one left typing report sheets well past clock off time. She longed for more.

To that end, when the chance came to leave for LS, it was an easy decision. Fleeing ‘The Motherland’, Backof made her way to ‘The States’.She departed with nothing but the trampy Russian clothes on her back, heading for her brand new beginning….

Los Santos 2013
Life was tough after her arrival. She lived rough on grubby streets of Los Santos for a few months, surviving by going on the daily rob, sticking up corner shops, stealing cars and jacking armoured vans. But all the while, saving her ill gotten gains. This tactic soon paid off. It’s something her mother taught her way back when, in a place oh so far away from here. What this meant was, a plush downtown apartment became Backof’s first significant slice of the american pie.

3 thoughts on “The backstory of backof

  1. Yessss ! That’s important to have a big picture of your avatar… a story, a goal, a family (or not)… you’re more involved !

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