How to rank up in the riot


Had a few members ask me “how do I get promoted in the riot?”

And that made me think… Who do I want to represent the riot? I thought about what our core qualities are. I also looked at other crew’s hierarchical systems and what other crews set as their criteria when promoting members. One thing I noticed and I think this is a big one…the majority of the other crews that are active on the news wire, social club, YouTube, twitter etc seems to hold real weight in; how regular you play, how good you are, where your from and whether you have a mic. Plus many others have very strict rules on clothing, cars, weapons.

Although we do have a similar rule, in that all crew must have a female avatar thats where the similarities end. We do not choose by K/D average (I saw one crew stipulating a 2.0 kill average is needed, and falling below resulted in kicking). Another would only allow entry if you only had 1 type of vehicle in your garage. I think our members pick us, rather than we pick our members. Our crew seems to be much more broader ‘n’ funner Our crew qualities are:

  • Quirkiness
  • Comical clumsiness
  • Destructive driving
  • Bass-ass-ability

I think everyone falls into one of these categories, most of you are at least a triple threat! Which then made me think, who am I to say who gets promoted? I do not play all the time plus I am in a different time zone to the majority of you, So I may only get to bump into once in a blue moon. What I think would be a great idea is; if you guys, the crew! Get to choose your rep’s and higher ranked crew members. To do this I am looking for crew members, social club users and blog contributors to get in touch and tell me who you feel embodies everything the riot stands for. I will collate all nominations and dish out the promotions accordingly! Is there anyone that springs to mind right away?

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