Feb crew party start time (28th feb @20:30 gmt)


This event is being hosted this Friday the 28th of Feb. The party starts at 8:30pm gmt and will run for 4 hours. Each activity will be finished by a group photo and a sultan rally to our next location.

If you do not have a sultan, it’s nay bother as we DO need photographers sitting in the passenger seats, snapping loads of awesome photos of the sultans drifting around Blaine county.

Remember these are rally’s not races. I want to see stylish drifts, sweet jumps and wheel spinning action.

Camera gallery:
Remember to clear space on your camera as you will all be taking lots of photo’s. Plus da group photo will be taken by a nominated crew member at the end of each hour.

The final group photo will located at Del Perro Pier as voted by you guys. It recorded nearly 40% of your votes.

Dress code:
Stake wear for BMX’ing. Then outfit change for the main event.

The main event (updated)
Gang Attack Mayhem
I have received a bit of flack on this one. It seems I have made it a bit to complicated as 17 gang attacks in 1 hour is way too over ambitious. I have reduced this down to 10.


Which means we have six minutes to complete each attack and get to the next location.

I still need 1 more pilot for the heli lifts to and from each gang attack. Pm me if you want to do this.

The new map is on the post above. we have 16 minutes to do the first three, 16 mins for the middle four and 16 minutes final three. We should accomplish this with time to spare which means we have a target to beat next time.


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