The life of Samantha Vercetti…


WELL… Let me tell you about Samantha Vercetti…

Born in Vinewood, Los Santos, Sam is a rich kid who grew up in luxury. She’s 22 years old, tall, blonde, beautiful, funny and smart. A woman you probably can never hope to have (and for that, you’re probably lucky).

Born in to the infamous Vercetti crime family, this sweet little “blondinette” quickly turned into an urban warrior.

At the age of 10, she won the Junior Muay-Thai Championship of San Andreas.

At 12, she killed her first man (who’d offered her candy in a dark alley) with her bare hands.

At 14, she stole her first arcade machine. Donkey Kong to be precise.

At 16, she cut the penis of her boyfriend with an electric saw ​​after he cheated with Samantha’s best friend, Janet. Janet has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, shortly after.

As can be expected, her schooling was chaotic. She did not stay in the same school for more than 4 consecutive months, preferring sunbathing, surfing or skateboarding at Vespucci rather than studying.

At 18, her father Raymond Vercetti, a known “businessman”, sent Samantha “training” with a cousin in the neighbourhood of Broker in Liberty City.

At 19, she acquired her pilot’s license and successfully carried out her first shipment of cocaine from Columbia in a Cuban-800.

No more information on her time in Liberty City exists, but one thing is sure : it has not calmed down since her return to Los Santos.

On her 21st birthday, Samantha returned to Los Santos and her father gave her a gold AK-47 and a beautiful apartment in Rockford Hills, for her independence. To be honest, Sam didn’t need anyone.


Since then she has joined the notorius gang known as PUSSI RIOT she finally feels like she’s found her place in the world and her gold AK47 has never ejected so many smoking shell cases!

So, be on the look out for the “Broker” yellow cap, the mini-shorts and the sneakers. If you need Samantha to drive you off somewhere, help you escape the police or help you take revenge on a rude guy, she will answer the call without hesitation. 

  • Name:  Samantha Vercetti (you can call me Sam or Sammy but certainly not Princess, darling, baby, sweet heart or any ridiculous nickname you can give to a girl).
  • Birthday: Sowewhere between January and December
  • Relationship Status: Whoo, you’re serious ? You trying to seduce me motherfucker ?
  • Sex: A LOT!
  • Interested in: Surf, beautiful & fast cars, rally, surf, parachuting, the Pacific ocean, surf, gunfights, sniper rifles, base-jumping, surf, muay-thai, explosives, flying things, golf, surf, gold weapons, photography, cats, shopping, skateboarding, mini-shorts & bikinis, surfing and surf.
  • Religious Views: Church of awesomeness (Blondarus is my mentor)
  • Political Views: Legalize ! God damn it !
  • About:  I’m very nice girl but can also be very naughty. Intelligence wins over strength but strength can be useful. I’m really good driver/rally pilot and Buzzard Chopper owner, which  I love! Modesty is an option. Obviously, I’m loyal to the crew and I like teamplay so… GIVE ME FIVE GIRLS !

 You can find me on PSN : egimage or on Rockstar Social Club :


5 thoughts on “The life of Samantha Vercetti…

  1. Well, my dear Samantha, i recognize you at each word of your bio. You’re so straight, rude and sweetie. I love you, cousine from the other side of the ocean !

    • Cousin Sammy, Thank-you so much for welcoming me into the family. It can’t be easy for you to be seeing double since me and Kati have been re-united. Your reputation as a cold hearted bitch obviously does not extend to family as I am so grateful that you have been keeping me occupied in Kati’s absence with those silly party games you have organised. I have just one question. What is Aunty Vercetti’s first name? I want to send her some flowers to thank her making dinner last Sunday.
      Your loving cousin,

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