The Main Event: Gang Attack Mayhem – Special Operational Briefing


Welcome to the OPS detail of our main event, please read all of this and understand the plan.


  • Goal: To safely transport the troops to & from the attack locations
  • Procedure:
    1. Do not leave for new destination until the heli is at full capacity,
    2. Vertical take off increasing height trajectory until at destination,
    3. When arriving, allow Parachuters enough vertical air to bail & land
    4. If you are the first heli to arrive, return to previous destination for final pick up after your first drop.
    5. On final arrive to destination; a quick descent is needed, plus smooth landing near the the gang attack
  • Notes:
    1. If possible have your REAL-LIFE phone close by and start the stopwatch timer when the first attack starts.
    2. If we are running behind after the 2nd attack (over 16 mins total real time), skip no.3 and go straight to no.4.
    3. If we are running behind after the 5th or 6th attack (over 32 mins total real time), skip no.7 and go straight to no.8
    4. Keep an eye on your in-game phone for updates from me and your passengers
    5. If you receive a callsign of “P” that means a passenger will parachute, GAIN THE APPROPRIATE HEIGHT
  • Your route:



  • Goal: To eliminate all the gang members as quickly as possible
  • Procedure:
    1. Exit heli either by parachuting (text pilot to advise you plan to do this, USE CALLSIGN: P Or wait til heli lands
    2. Be aware of the gang attack ending, return to heli quickly for a fast exit
    3. If you miss a heli ride. Stay at location and await pick up from returning heli



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