The Sultan RS Rally Riot


In a very short time the inaugural “Pussi Riot Sultan RS Rally Riot” will take place.

This is a very special competition as the first prize will NOT be judged on who clocks the most stage wins, or gets the best times. This rally is no ordinary Rally. This is “The Pussy Riot Sultan RS Rally Riot”!

Our ‘Rally’ will be judged by STYLE points only.

Points will be awarded for:

  • Cosmetic styling of your ride
  • Successfully landed insane Jumps
  • Mad Drifts (Successful)
  • Crazy Air (and not losing it on landing)
  • Successful Cornering (i.e. no smashing into other riot-rally’ers)
  • Expert use of the handbrake
  • and other in-race successfully performed tricks such as ‘j’ turns

Each Rioter in the rally is also obligated to sit shotgun in another RS for at least 1 “rally stage” and special bonus points will be awarded for excellent ACTION photos of other rioters mid drift/jump/stunt.

There will be a number of different rally ‘stages’ after each ‘event’ (end of hour’s; 1,2,3,4) throughout the party.

The winner gets an entry into the Pussi Riot Hall Of Fame and will be the “Reigning Champ of the Riot Sultan RS Rally Riot” until our next rally!

Good Luck gals

Oh one more thing… The final stage at the end of the first hour (after BMX’ing). We launch straight into the first gang attack of the ‘Main Event’ – Gang Attack Mayhem. Be prepared and be suitably tooled up. To do this we need to arrive at the first gang attack as close to 4;am in-game time as possible to ensure we can hit the target of 10 attacks in the hour.

Another one for thing… there is a competition going on for highest accuracy with the pump shotgun. These are your last chance to perfect your dead eye aim. There will be choppers laid on to air-lift you to the next location


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