Muhmuhhuh is not just a sound you make when choking…

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Good evening.
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Muhmuhhuh. Actually thats a lie, who has  name like that? My name is Molly Maureen Hollywell, MMH for short, or muh muh huh if you are saying it phonetically(ish)…are you with me so far?

Ok good, as a few of my lovely crew members have provided a profile for themselves I thought I may as well join in and tell you my backstory.

Now lets get one thing straight here, I am not a criminal. I abhor crime and the wanton mayhem that goes on in Los Santos these days. Yet I have managed to find myself being dragged into the seedy underworld of the city for reasons I shall cover in due course.

As a child I was brought up in Vinewood Hills, I had a decent, some would say even prosperous upbringing living with my parents, both merchant bankers, and my younger brother Joel. I took after my parents and joined the banking world, Joel decided to join the army. Life was going swimmingly until my parents died one shortly after the other. Nothing sinister just the usual old age stuff. Joel returned from the army where he was stationed in Laos, yet he didnt come back alone. He also brought back with him a debilitating disease that he contracted over in the Far East confining him to around the clock hospital care.

As you are no doubt aware hospital fees are not cheap in Los Santos, they even charge you $500 to revive you from death, so the money left to us by our parents was burnt through pretty quickly, my job at Maze bank paid well but not well enough in the circumstances and I was at a loose end until I happened across the notorious crew called Pussi Riot that I belong to today.

But enough about my shady secret, I would like to take you on a little tour of my “normal” life.

I now live in Del Perro Heights in a modest apartment that I have managed to tidy up and make it look rather dashing if I do say so myself by finding some attractive furnishings on sale. Annoyingly everybody else in Los Santos seems to have gone to the same sale as my place looks exactly like everybody elses! Maybe its just a coincidence…


I currently work as Branch Manager for the Del Perro branch of Fleeca. It was a drop salary wise from Maze Bank but it is close to home and I can come and go whenever I want incase I need to partake in a race for money or erm… chase a car all over Los Santos so that Simeon can pay me $200. I may as well have stayed in work…


I only have one vice in life, actually I smoke so I guess I have two, but my main vice is my car. I love my Cogniscenti Cabrio and here it is sat in the Del Perro heights garage. I dont know who the other cars belong to but they dont seem to mind me borrowing them and getting them impounded or blown up. Its nice to have good neighbours.


This is me at my local shop along with the co owner Sanjit. Sanjit is a great guy, always cheerful and happy to see me. His fellow owner Hwang is a bit of a dick at times though. Always angry for some reason. Maybe its because of that time I accidently shotgunned him in the face? Who knows? But its all water under the bridge now and we laugh about it all the time. I never ever steal from the shops in Los Santos and if I ever see anybody stealing from my local shop I will hunt them down and destroy them.


For fun I like to go for meals or a coffee at Bean machine with my two closest friends (more like work colleagues really) Nigel and Sarah. Im worried about Sarah though as she looks quite ill lately. I think she has a thing for Nigel too. This may get awkward in future.


My other love in life is Tennis and I quite often visit the many courts on offer in Los Santos. Here I am looking like the next Steffi Graf with my Tennis Club friends Austin and Norvell. They may have stupid names but they are very good at tennis. Norvell needs work on his backhand though. I like to play golf too but really hate how the Los Santos Golf club steals your footwear before entering and makes you wear an ugly used pair of trainers. I would expect better from such an elite establishment.


And finally here is me awaiting my local residents association meeting. As I said earlier I detest all crime and actively fight it with like minded people. Sadly we must use the Epsilon building for these meetings as we have gotten quite popular lately, even (hopefully) future senator Sue Murray has been seen at our meetings. I did ask the Kifflom idiots to move out of shot when I took this photo but they refused. If I wasnt putting on my law abiding act for the committee I would have kicked their sky blue asses all the way up to Blaine County.

So there you have it, I hope this has provided a little bit more insight into what I am all about. I would love to hear from more of you to see what makes you all tick in this crazy world of Los Santos that we all live in. To finish off im going to steal a profile template from past entries on here, oh look there goes my criminal side again!

  • Name:  Molly Maureen Hollywell (mumuhhuh)
  • Birthday: 13th May 1977
  • Relationship Status: I really don’t have time for that.
  • Sex: Oh please! Sex and promiscuity are a drain on our society.
  • Interested in: Tennis, smoking, photography, fighting crime, committing crime, erm..banking?
  • Religious Views: Religion is preposterous. 
  • Political Views: Very conservative
  • About:  I can seem quite stand offish but thats only because I have a lot on my mind. I will help anybody who genuinely needs it but don’t waste my time or I will stab you with a broken bottle that I unhygienically carry around with me at all times for some reason. My strengths lie in getaway driving, devising strategies and locating vehicles. I like to dress smart, if you ever see me wearing a baseball cap please shoot me. My preferred mode of killing is via stealth drowning. I also hate tanks, seriously what has our city come to when children are driving tanks through the streets of Los Santos??

4 thoughts on “Muhmuhhuh is not just a sound you make when choking…

  1. LMFAO! ” I will help anybody who genuinely needs it but don’t waste my time or I will stab you with a broken bottle that I unhygienically carry around with me at all times for some reason.”

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