New DLC arrives tomorrow, the best news is the Jester returns…


Lots of rumours and chatter going on about the 3 new cars. In the R* post, the new cars are listed as “sports” which would put the in the same class as the Comet & Corquette. Although I have a suspicion that 2 out of the 3 will in fact be “super” cars which will mean they will be comparable to the Entity XF or the Adder.

Most people are concentrating on the new Grotti. But for me the car that has really caught my attention, is the Jester (mainly because it is the only car NOT to make an appearance in the images released on the newswire). This will be the Jesters second coming in the GTA universe after appearing on the Playstation 2’s GTA: San Andreas.

Back in the day, the Jester was a kind of Toyota Supra/Celica mix but this was before R* assigned the cars makers brands to each car. This time they have aligned the Jestor to the “Dinka” brand. Although both GTA:San Andreas & GTAV appear to share lots of the same elements they are actually very different and share in name only. As the modern day re-imagining often bares little likeness to the original. The Jester will be one of these too.

dinka jester

Dinka is GTA’s version of Honda. This means the Jester WILL be a Japanese car but it will not be the Supra, or the modern equivalent (as this is a model produced by Toyota). Toyota are called “Karin” in GTA. To this end. I speculate the new car will be based on the new NSX. Which i’m pretty excited by. More info all over the internet but if you don’t want to google click this link:


I love being right, here you go, take a look:




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