Hello. Let me introduce myself! I’m Kris, short for Kristen.

Elysian Island

A lot of people call me TayTay because of my psn name. But I’m a very outgoing, funny person.  I like to interact with other people and just have fun. I’m a nice person when you first meet me, but get to know me and I’m a bit on the mean side sometimes. But that’s only if you get under my skin!

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to talk about myself and my life. When I was young I grew up in Sandy Shores. Didn’t have much. My parents had very little money and couldn’t provide for me much. I had an older brother named Dominic, he was out and about being a criminal, because my parents didn’t care what we did. I was young so I wasn’t able to be like my brother. But when I got older, my brother had gotten killed, shot by the police. So I took my brothers job and became a criminal. My parents passed in my early 20’s. I lost everybody.

I got away with a lot of things. Never got caught by the police. I was always off the loose.

One day I realized, should I do something with my life? Get a job? A home? It finally hit me. To mature up and do something with my life. I finally stopped my career of being a criminal and put that in my past.

Now to talk about my present life in Los Santos. I currently live in Rockford Hills, have SWEET cars, and I work at Fort Zancudo, yes I’m in the military now. I finally did something with my life and I love it.

Del Perro BeachLifeInvaderLogoCropped

Things that I like to do are swim and go to the beach. I’m a normal person now. I love getting tattoos, I’m covered in them now.

San Andreas

My baby right now is my beautiful purple Bugatti. When everybody blows this beauty up or even scratches it, I have a fit. But hey, I’m not the one paying for the damages!

Rockford Hills

I also keep my body fit! I’m in the military so I need to stay as healthy and fit as I can. Having a healthy body and a healthy mind is just perfect for me.

Well that it my life in Los Santos. Now to explain just a little more…

  • Name:  Kristen Taylor Gerace ( TayTay)
  • Birthday: May 2nd, 1990
  • Relationship Status: Taken!
  • Sex: Mostly everyday.
  • Interested in: Guns, fighting, cars, music, drinking,…guys. 
  • Religious Views: I’m a theist so??
  • Political Views: Trying to be a good person towards people.
  • About:  I am a very dangerous person sometimes, but like I said that’s only if you get under my skin. I’m a very nice person. I’m funny, outgoing, fun to talk to. I love driving beautiful cars. I don’t fuck with shitty cars. I’m in love with guns, show me one and I could name it off the top of my head! A lot of people tend to get on my bad side, so that’s when I swing out the pink guns and baseball bats. I dress in camo to let people know I’m in the military.

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