February crew get together – review


Crazy. It seems like only yesterday that I was writing up a report on January’s event and all the silliness that involved. Yet here we are a month later and I’m writing up the latest one!

Before we get on to the event itself (and all the server horrors that beset it) let’s give the devil(s) their due…

First and foremost, Backof once again busted their ass to serve up a delicious platter of racing, violence and general tomfoolery for us to romp through. Their superb organisation and event management skills once again meant all the rest of us had to do was turn up on the night. Kudos boss, you rock!

And to you, dear ‘Rioters’ who voted for the activities which made up the evening. We had a record turnout in the voting with more than eighty of you contributed to the polling. We’re a crew who listens to our members and you guys helped to not only shape how the evening played out, but surprised us again with some of your choices! Power to the…erm…Pussi!

Backslapping and fist bumping out of the way? Check. Right, let’s get on with the show…

First up, let’s punch the elephant in the room, right in the nuts and get it out of the way. On the day of the event we’d had messages from Rioters saying the servers were playing up, people couldn’t connect, R* Social was down/up/down again and so we approached the start time with a certain sense of apprehension. No matter how prepared we were (and God knows we were), if the servers were unstable it was gonna make our evening very difficult to keep together. And wouldn’t ya know it…the poop hit the air movement device right from the get go! The Boss got disconnected numerous times over the course of the night, which meant they had to then start a new session and re-invite everyone in to it. Lesser mortals would have rage quit, but The Boss is no mere mortal…


So, we rolled on regardless and as far as I could tell, the servers did stabilise later in the night. It did blacken the eye of the event, but like Rocky in Rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc, we kept swinging, kept shrieking “Adriiaaaaan” and beat the tech woes in to a bloody pulp. Take that under performing technology!

Phew! Got that out of the way. Let us never speak the words ‘unstable servers’ and ‘Pussi Riot’ together in the same sentence again!

Going in we had a lot of reasons to be cheerful. The January event had been a massive success with lots of Rioters turning and showing us their crazy side over the four hour duration. In the weeks leading up to the February one, our ranks had swollen considerably. This was in part to us appearing on the R* newswire but mostly through word of mouth and all the great work our reps were doing in session. It was safe to say that as the day approached, we were really looking forward to this one!

We kicked off the event with the BMX’ing again after it had become such a surprise hit in the January one. We really upped the ante this month though, taking the event up to massive dirt track on the construction site where not only was there a cool racetrack, but also mad jumps and building equipment to use as props. You gals got real creative, real quick with these and the resultant photos were particularly bonkers. Highlights included jumping the strategically placed digger, airborne cars and comically ill advised shenanigans involving scaffolding! It was a hilarious  segment and no doubt one long remembered!


We got a great group photo up there as well, which really served to show the diverse looks and  characters we all have. But most importantly the team spirit this crew has which just seems to keep growing! (wipes tear from her eye)

From here we went to the rallying! Prior to the event Backof had sent out a call to arms, for every rioter to beg, borrow or steal a Sultan. They wanted to see who had the sickest skills on and off the road and nobody disappointed. We assembled a  motley collection of brightly coloured Sultan’s which all lined up and hauled ass across the desert in a series of impromptu races which took the participants all over the backwaters and coastal areas of the map.

We saw some superb driving, some wild crashes and lots and lots of fun being had. A certain special someone was also selected to win the title of ‘Reigning Champion Of The Riot Sultan RS Rally’ and gain entry to the Pussi Riot Hall Of Fame! That person will be announced shortly…

0_0 (60) 0_0 (54)

Next came the ultra ambitious ‘Gang Attack Mayhem’ section which sort of coughed and spluttered in to life from atop it’s mortuary slab, before quickly collapsing in pathetic heap back down again.

Yep, it went boobies up pretty quickly. Was it too ambitious? Perhaps, but honestly I don’t believe it was. We dissected it in the cold light of day and believe we could have done it, if we’d been more organised on the night, had the servers held and if we’d kept our police wanted levels at zero BEFORE we boarded the choppers! You live you learn though people. And who knows, maybe next time we try it…maybe we’ll surprise ourselves.

0_0 (31) 0_0 (97)

The Pussi Riot Plane Play Pit was up next. I’m pleased to report that on this occasion, Hurri and I didn’t go nuts (straight away) and turn it in to a drunken ‘hit and run’/gladiatoral brawl. We did have some flying! And you know what? Some really good flying too.

I left the flying to those with some semblance of flying skill and climbed atop the hangar to take photos and I saw it all (even if the glitching Snapmatic didn’t capture it). Loop the loops, low level inverted flying, stylish synchronised flying and everything in between. It was only after all the planes and choppers were gone that Hurri raced up to me and bitch slapped me, and that began a bare knuckle ruckus for the last two minutes, which culminated in me somehow taking a pasting four on one! Thanks ‘team’ ; P

More server nonsense followed but the night finished strong with jetski racing, army base storming and some silliness on the pier at Del Perro.

0_0 (13) 0_0 (10)

The next day, Backof and I sat in our imaginary jacuzzi, drinking imaginary champagne and tried to decide whether, the event had been a success or not. As monkey butler’s loaded the bar-b-q with unicorn steaks and gryphon wings, we decided it probably was. Why? Because despite everything going fruit shaped on the server and technical side, you gals stuck with us. You kept joining in the activities. Kept making us laugh and YOU kept everyone’s spirits well and truly up!

Boss’s comment:

“First off thanks to everyone who either; turned up, got disconnected, couldn’t get in or couldn’t get online at all. The reason these crew bash’s are a success is because of you guys. It wouldn’t be the same with just me and my 2nd in command bmxing by ourselves. So massive props to all of ya! We are going to try the main event again, even though we made such a pigs ear of it. Next time though… it will be a success. I think having 6 events rather then the 4 a bad move too, but I really wanted to do the rallying. I could gas all day about the party but I will leave it there for now…”

The great pleasure of January’s get together was seeing some of you Rioters for the first time and getting to know you. This time we saw those same Rioters again, but in the time between events, those new faces had become regular session mates and bonafide Riot mainstays. And it was those mainstays who’ve now taken our newest members under their wings and helped them settle in to our sizeable, warm bosom.

A raft of promotions followed the event for that very reason. I’ll cover that in more detail in my next blog, but the names are ones all of you have now come to know and hopefully love. Hurri, Tag, Muhmuh, Sammy , Teal, Scuba and  most recently Kati V!

I keep looking at the group pic on the BMX track. It makes me smile and want to hug random folk in the street, because that’s team spirit right there. That’s a group of people who love hanging out together, being in each others company and that’s what makes this crew what it is. Muthafunkin’ togetherness!

You gals make it so easy for us. Everyday you energise us with your enthusiasm for this little ol’ crew of ours and we will continue to try and give back through these events! See ya on the streets…

Love your brand nu Commish

Blondie x


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