“I can’t access my past, it’s top secret.” Angel-A


After 59 hours of game play, Gabriella found her sanctuary. A place where people are tied to their crew. Pink dots always moving together on the mini-map. Super fun closed-crew sessions. Gabriella started to feel the streets of Los Santos again…

**I tried to make her look like Angela from the movie Angel-A. Note that it is Swashbuckler_TR on PSN (TheLamplighter on SC). Sony doesn’t let us change our Online-IDs (despite all these years) 😦 **

Gabriella was born in San Fierro. After high school, she started to work as a bartender in a bar in Chinatown, where she met and got involved with China Town Triads. After a couple of years working for the gang leader, Wu Zi Mu, Gabriella had mastered driving and the use of firearms but desired to leave the life of crime. She decided to be a professional and joined the French Foreign Legion. She was the first and only woman in the legion. She fought in many battles, lost many friends, earned good money, but missed something…

0_0 (1)

The red and blue lights of pursuing authority figures, is the only thing left to excite Gabriella. So she contacted her friend and old boss Wu Zi Mu. He called her to Las Venturas to work with him again, but in Las Venturas things didn’t go well. She lost all her savings gambling, so she decided to make another fresh start.

She came to Los Santos with a help of a man named Lamar. She spent her first days in LS  sleeping in a stolen car, then she bought a garage, thinking that she could operate a chop shop.  After initially struggling in LS, through illegal racing, criminal activity and betting, she eventually owned an apartment and car. Was that the moment where she wanted to retire from this life? It was a summer time when everyone was happy with their lives wearing summer clothes, driving fancy cars, except Gabriella.

Then one day, she saw an article about a crew. A premier girl character crew who are tearing up the streets of LS. That article lit the fire inside Gabriella and she found herself on the streets for one more time…



Life in Los Santos change as time passes and I am trying to keep pace with it. First there was this Business thing, where people dressed more serious, but acted crazier. When I first heard about it, I ran in to the nearest Ponsonbys and spent my cash on new classy clothes that I will never wear again and a nice haircut, that was a must for that outfit. While I was thinking that I was rolling with the new trend I saw those cars, Alpha, Jester and Turismo R (not to mention Vestra). After some calculations I decided to save my money for the next new set of  cars and satisfied myself with air trusting around those fancy Jesters.

New haircut and clothes below and my beloved “Albino Python” (Painted in Epsilon Program colors).



The next trend that shook the LS was the High Life. This time the cars were much cooler than the Business cars, but I didn’t buy any, because I am going to move out from my modest apartment into a new one. Home comes first, after that let the cars flow into the garage (I hope). Currently I am dealing with the house decorations, feel free to come and help me (don’t forget to bring Pisswassers!)

High Life

No that is not the view from my bathroom 😦

Since the new apartment drained my bank account I found myself betting just like I did in Las Venturas years ago(which also drained my money!), especially betting on this “Californian Chick” everytime I see her, she never lost a race, except one time she disappeared after a bike race during the playlist (I am glad they put a limit on betting, otherwise I may have had to join the Merryweather Security for some cash [see my days as a mercenary]).

That’s it for this time, I tried my best and looking forward to write again xoxo Gabriella





  • Name: Gabriella Dawnbreaker (SC: TheLamplighter, PSN: Swashbuckler_TR, I don’t want anymore names…)
  • Birthday:  1993
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Sex: Female
  • Interested in: Parachuting, Ponsonbys, Amu-Nation gun range, sushi, getting wasted in Vanilla Unicorn, Red Wood Cigarettes, Pisswasser, fashion, The Epsilon Program, Golf.
  • Religious Views: Church of the Children of Atom
  • Political Views: “War does not determine who is right, only who is left.” – Bertrand Russell
  • About:  Currently dealing with home decorations and stuff. Feel free to ring my bell, I’ll probably check you on the security cameras first, then we will drink Pisswasser!  In case I go broke, I got my Karin Futo ready in my garage to start using it as a mobile home…let’s hope it never happens! I am so lazy, I wish I had LS Customs in my garage… and the Sandy Shores airport is so far from my apartment. If you put me down, be sure to double tap or prepare to be hammered to death!
  • Time Zone: GMT +2/summertime +3, Average play time 3-4 hours.


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