In-game cellphone shoutout callsigns


OK, things can get out of hand pretty quickly in the freeroam lobbies.

Often I am rocking around with 2/3/4/5 or more rioters and before we know it, we have either instigated a fight or had it brought to us. Of course with our “never say die attitude” or should I correct myself “always say die attitude”, we are happy to engage is some good old fashioned shooty’facey. It all gets pretty frantic, especially when there are lots of targets and/or multiple factions in the mix.

To this end, I have thought up a neat little plan to co-ordinate the ensuing battles. These “shout-outs” are put out via the in-game phone and should be short enough, they are quick to enter and obvious enough so they can be quickly interpreted. Please don’t be afraid of these once you scroll down to the bottom. As the only one you guys really need to know is as follows:

The most Important call sign we have is “H” This means HELP. If you are getting all shot up, pinned down, bullied etc. put a “H” shoutout to all the other rioters online via in the in-game cell phone and you should get a semi-rapid response. I have added one more to the list incase your getting seriously pounded. Here are the 2 basic call signs:


  • H – Help required
  • BT – Bring Tank

If you have to, go onto passive by pressing triangle and run and hide. You should get a response pretty quickly (depending what timezone you are in). Once the “Riot” arrive you should have the backup you need tanks and all!
—————————————————————————————————————– helparioter
There shouldn’t be much need to respond unless you are either; on the other side of the map OR in a different lobby.


  • K – OK, on route
  • NC – Cant help sorry
  • NT – I don’t have tank
  • YT – I have tank

If you choose to respond. You can add a figure (number) after the reply, this will denote your ETA, such as:

  • K 2 – ok two minutes away
  • K 3 – ok three minutes away
  • K 4 – ok four minutes away
  • K 5 – ok five minutes away

0_0 (45)

I can see it taking a while before these are common place. But hopefully you can pick up just a few to use at the start. I imagine in the future when we all understand them there will be some awesome combo’s going such as: “PT R” or “GV F” or even more complicated ones like “AH GD WT” or “GH PU FX


  • AF – Approaching friendly
  • AH – Approaching hostile/s
  • ED – Enemy off radar (dark)
  • PT – Potential Tank approaching
  • SN – Sniper
  • G – Glitcher
  • T – Tank (Rhino)
  • L – Lazer (Army jet)


Basic Orders:

  • A – Ammo Run, garrison needed
  • B – Set booby trap (drop sticky bomb)
  • C – Clear your Stars (bribe cops)
  • F – Follow
  • GD – Go “off radar” (dark)
  • PU – Pick up needed



  • N – North
  • E – East
  • S – South
  • W – West
  • EA – Enemy Above
  • EB – Enemy Below




  • EX – Envelopment of target (“clever girls” style)
  • PX – Pincer Target (double envelopment) see top image
  • PC – Provide Cover
  • FX – Follow Target


On Foot Orders:

  • DS – Dont shoot YET
  • GC – Get some cover
  • GH – Get heli
  • GR – Get on rooftop
  • GV – Get vehicle
  • R – Leg it! (leave current location)
  • WT – Wait/Stay (hold position)


In Vehicle Orders:

  • D – Drop off & go
  • GA – Gain Altitude
  • GO – Go
  • LA – Lower Altitude
  • LD – Land
  • MD – Let me drive
  • ST – Stop
  • SW – Slow
  • UD – You drive

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