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As a lot of you may know by now, I keep my private life quite separate from my “business” life in Los Santos. 

However I am comfortable enough with sharing this side of my personal life with you all. On my days off I like to race classic sports cars and this car right here is my partner in crime on Sunday mornings. 

She is a 1953 Vapid Peyote who I managed to obtain about 15 years ago from a strange little car dealership in La Mesa. She wasnt the best looking of cars when I first met her. A slightly rusted car in an ugly beige colour that had seen better days but her underlying class was there to see for those with an eye for the finer details.

Me and my brother worked on this car night and day trying to bring her back to her former glory. As we are both big sports fans we had a soft spot for the now defunct NFL team the Houston Oilers so decided to base her colour scheme off their uniforms.

I think she turned out rather well with her Mariner blue chassis with cream undertones and her lovely red wheels. We had a spare wheel attached to the back of the car which looked nice and would be handy for non race days but we decided to remove that and any other embellishments as we thought that simplicity was the way to go. In the world of Los Santos simplicity is a vastly underrated virtue when it comes to cars I find!

We started racing in the early 90’s and never looked back. Obviously life has took a turn for the worst in my family but I still carry on racing and my brother still manages to get down to the track to cheer me on. I very rarely win but it doesnt matter does it really? The bigger picture is that it gives us a link to the past when life was a bit more normal and straightforward. 

So feel free to come down to the track yourselves and give me your support! Make the most of seeing my Peyote though as I dont take her out on the streets any more. The insurance premiums are crazy. Thankfully I have a virtual copy of the Peyote but without my lucky number 6 on. Instead I have our crew name on the side of it which is nice….

And just remember, its not the winning that counts, its the looking fantastic whilst competing that matters!



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