Easy Callsigns – The single letter shoutouts


A few of the basics for ya. You do not have to dish these out, but knowing what they mean will come in useful. I Implore you, to act on the calls.

Understanding these call-signs is an important thing.  It is critical that if you receive a message.  You know what it means, so get practicing. The Basics are as follows…


  • A – Ammo Run, garrison needed
  • B – Set booby trap (drop sticky bomb)
  • C – Clear your Stars (bribe cops)
  • D – Drop off & go
  • F – Follow
  • H – Help required


  • G – Glitcher
  • L – Lazer (Army jet)
  • R – Leg it! (leave current location)
  • T – Tank (Rhino)

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