PIMPED OUT RIDES – Two or four wheels ?

As I say often, I’m typically English and you know, English people love mechanics… Remember Jaguar, Aston Martin or Rolls Royce… so British, isn’t it ?

I change my mind all the time about how I’m going to move my beautiful little ass around the streets of Los Santos. Sometimes I prefer to ride my bike, but sometimes, I need to feel the wind in my hair and so I drive my cute convertible…



If I would like to move myself on 2 wheels, I take my Akuma ! Very efficient, fast and classy, this typical japanese bike is what I need to escape Police or male predators :-). It’s maximum speed allows me to go from corner to corner of the map in a minute, and if I don’t bump any obstacle, I arrive as fresh as I started…

See below how I try to overtake the Sultan driver!



When I feel cool andI want to just ride in the streets and not to race everywhere like a freak, I take my Zion and open the top. My favourite colour is white, with a touch of black… and, of course, I try to co-ordinate the colour of my clothes. That’s the way I am…



In the last few days, I saw commercials on TV talking about a new car arriving very soon. The typical Japanese high-tech car : Dinka Jester !

This car is very well known in England, as everybody loves  Honda! Here in California, the brand is known as Acura. But you know, people don’t like Japanese cars around here so much.


Now, the Jester is my everyday car. Each time I go out, I take it. I love the colours I chose (black and white), and men in the street are looking at me in a different way now but is it for me or my car ? 😉


See ya girls, on the streets of the sunny Los Santos !


5 thoughts on “PIMPED OUT RIDES – Two or four wheels ?

  1. Aha Kati it was me who that photo of you on your bike overtaking the Sultan. You looked like a flash of white lightning riding on a black cloud of thunder that evening. I love my bike, a Batti 801 too and have recently given it a chrome respray with some nice pink undertones because as you know I am like a magpie when it comes to shiny things. Great article Miss Vercetti 😡

  2. Sorry to say that but your bike, that i drived yesterday to go to the Golf, is very slow and had a bad sound. Next time, i’ll let you drive mine, and you will see what is a rel bike 😉

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