The Pussi Riot TDM squad’s Battledress

uniform eg1

Yo Gals,

Our tryouts are now in full swing with Rioters competing to represent our crew in Coordinated crew vs crew team death matches & playlists. I have been speaking to the Randinator and we feel a uniform would be a useful thing for this wing, the elite guardette’s of the crew.

Here are a few examples of what me and Randy think we could wear. I want to see your outfits and we will run a competition to see what the majority of the crew want our elite guardette’s to wear when in battle.

uniform eg3 uniform eg4
uniform eg2 uniform eg5
uniform eg6

Knock yourselves out and tag you photos with the tag: “PR elite”. The best will be chosen for a crew poll, with the winner becoming our official death match battledress. Get styling crew! Show us what you got!


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