Tips and tricks – Volume VI

Ok ladies and riot wannabes, here is volume 6 of my tips and tricks series!


You’ve just taken an epic photo and you wish there was a way to make it epic²!?!? There is a way my young padawan. You go to single player and into gallery. In there after you’e expanded the photo, a button will be prompted for ‘meme’. In this section of the gallery you can change colour, size, font etc. GO HAVE FUN!


You are steering your 4 wheeled beast as if you’re Jason Statham in The Transporter (but with make up and a bra) then in the rear view mirror you see it… the troll in the chrome adder approaching with bad intent! Now all sorts of things run through your mind but the most important of all is how do I avoid spinning out of control??

You either let go of the accelerator as he is trying to fishtail you, that will increase traction and control OR you break causing the Chradder to try to fishtail your front. What is most important is NOT to try to fight back in a fishtail situation. Stay calm and slow down…AND PAY IT BACK!!!


TURISMO LAUNCH…enough said! Check the vid!


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