Pussi Riot TDM squad – team name choices


HI Gals, we are progressing with our deathmatch trials this month. Many players have already set of their stall and I think we have 5 or 6 names on the team sheet.

This still leaves 7 more. So its not to late to get involved! I encourage all new members to have a go as I doubt we will do a draft like this again for a while.

Anyways… this is a question for all of you. We need a name for our TDM team. something snappy, ideally a bit clever too. What are your ideas? We only have 20 characters including spaces. So we need to come up with something a short. It would be also cool if the acronym sounds cool too. Like; PURR or PETA

Should the name have: “Pussi Riot” in? Or just “Pussi” as a prefix? or “Riot” as a suffix?

ch kb
Here are some examples of other names we could add into our current name or swap one of the current 2 words just to give you some inspiration:

Military: Army, Infantry, Squad, Platoon, Guard, Troopers, Unit, etc
Others: Assassins, Shadows, Renegades, Killers, Mercenaries, Taskforce
Adjectives: Special, Elite, Crack, Infamous, Super, Alpha
Nouns: Prime, Zenith, Apex, Climax, Wild
Minerals: Iron, Diamond, Golden, Silver
Weather: Cyclone, Storm, Hurricane, Rain
Animals: Cats, Kittens, Beavers, Tigers, Grizzly, Hawks,

So just by mixing them up you get some good ones; Grizzly Riot, Riot Wild Kittens, Riot Elite Guard, Pussi Crack Platoon, Pussi Taskforce etc etc

Lets see what you can come up with, There are no wrong answers! Just need it to 20 characters MAX…

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