Was that the wind or was that the divine hand of heavens? NO! It was the eco-friendly electric car, Hijak Khamelion that hit you!



Hijak Khamelion, one of the three electric cars in Los Santos. This 2-door sports car has sexy curves and a solar panel on its roof (stock), perfect for cruising on the Great Ocean Highway. The engine is so quiet, when you run over someone, they don’t understand what happened to them. It is like a python approaching its prey. The last and only thing they hear is the sound of crushing bones.

Compared to the other sports class cars, Khamelion’s stats are not superior. Its speed, braking and traction are equivalent to the others’, but its base acceleration is very low. It is literally lower than the HVY Dump truck’s acceleration. That’s the reason why no one picks it for racing, as a matter of fact this car never meant to be a race car.

The thing about Khamelion is you see it, love it, drive it, but never hear it…

After the destruction of my last three Khamelions (Blue, Green, Pink) This time I picked matte yellow paint. (I need to order a free new one, because Mors doesn’t cover it.) Customizations;

  • Armor: Armor upgrade 40%
  • Engine EMS upgrade, level 1
  • Exhaust: Titanium exhaust
  • Hood: Double vented hood
  • Roof: Stock
  • Spoilers: High level spoiler
  • Suspension: Street suspension
  • Wheels: Bulletproof, Stock


Do something for Los Santos. Kill the lowlife, drive the “green” car. If you see my cruising in the Vinewood hills just hop in, adjust the seat and close your eyes. This silent reptile won’t make a sound to wake you up.

And you there! What did you do for mother nature today?




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