Me and my life….

Let me tell you something about my life ….

I grew up on grove street, three houses down from CJ (Carl Johnson). I lived there for 23 years with my parents, we never had much money and my parents did not really care about me. My father did nothing all day except watch television and my mother had to work at Cluckin Bell to pay our rent.

I’d play every weekend out on the street with the children of the neighbourhood and once a month took one of those rare, expensive cars that sometimes get lost in the grove for a joy ride. When I was 10, I dreamed of joining the gang wars.

CJ became more successful with each day, going from door to door and distributing what he had. Years passed, CJ and I got to know each other better. He gave me the name of Stardust, because I always dreamed of being a star and dust because I never lost sight of reality. He was like an idol for me, I always looked up to him.  He could buy what he wanted. He could do what he wanted. I wanted that too.

I wanted to be like him and enter the grove street gang . However, I was never allowed this. He always said I was too young and it was too dangerous. Then CJ walked away from grove street and left the gang wars behind.

I went more or less my own way, found a good job at a downtown cab office and saved until I could finally afford to rent an apartment. One day I saw a car with the lettering Pussi Riot on it. This made me curious, so I decided to find out more about the crew. I contacted the leader and was immediately warmly welcomed. Today I can tell you people….

Pussi Riot FOREVER!!!!



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