How to impromptu race the “Riot” way

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Here are the 5 essential tips on how to impromptu race, the Pussi Riot way:

1. Double check you have joined the race
A good clue is the race info is displayed in the top left of the screen once you have accepted the invite. Also the track route is displayed in yellow on the minimap.


2. When forming the start grid, park OFF the road
On the pavement/grass or hard shoulder. This is because the road is a ROAD with moving traffic on and guess what… NPC vehicles do not have any patience for other road users trying to do an orderly countdown launch.


3. You DO NOT have to go the 1st route the satnav suggests
Its important to make you own decisions when navigating. Finding your own route could be quicker.

alternate vehicles

4. Try alternate modes of transport
Your starting vehicle might not be the most appropriate one for the job at hand. Pause and check the route once the race has started. If the finish point is far away or hard to access, make a b-line for a helipad.

5. If you are first to reach the finish, DO NOT cross the line right away
The route disappears on all the other players mini-map once you cross the line. So be a doll and wait for the majority of the pack to get close enough to easily navigate themselves to the finish line.


6. You can cancel out of any race by navigating to the race in the notifications section of your in-game phone
Sometimes we get rudely interrupted in our races by foe’s wanting to dance. I really dig this at it makes the races more interesting. If you do find yourself under attack while racing, then cancelling out really helps as it exposes there the dots on your radar.


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